Our Story

Inspired by Sichuan’s rich heritage, legend and anecdote, the founders decided to bring into Singapore the vibrancy of its cuisine. We were so taken in by the fiery Chong Qing Grilled Fish served in a simmering hot pot in Chong Qing China, we decided to bring the concept back. The Group’s flagship Fish kitchen dining concept opened its doors in 2010 and was the pioneer in introducing Chong Qing Grilled Fish to Singapore. The Group has gone on to set up Let’s Toss (Sichuan salad bar) in 2011 and Fat Bird in 2012 (Chong Qing Chicken Hot Pot).

中华文明,悠悠千年历史,三国故事,为世人津津乐道重庆烤鱼创始人因而对四川菜产生浓厚兴趣 与热诚。经过研发与改良,在2010年开设旗舰店,把重庆烤鱼小厨概念引进新加坡。之后也连续开

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At Chong Qing Grilled Fish, we are guided in our product and service offerings by three core beliefs: Inspiring, Innovation and Sophistication.

The CQGF brand is always positive in its tone. Demonstrating a real understanding of Cultures, CQGF arouses the consumer's interest in understanding not only the taste but also the tales behind the food.


Reinforcing the concept of combining food and culture, CQGF also demonstrates sophistication through our communications, ingredients and food presentation. CQGF continuously immerse our consumers in a cultural feast through our food, the dining experience and the promotional materials.


Innovation is the connector for the taste, visual, dining environment for CQGF brand. Through CQGF brand's eagerness to share its passion for great food and culture, the brand always strives to add a touch of innovation and modernism to widen its reach to today's consumers.


A Celebration of Cultures

Our Brand
Adopting the chic and straightforward character of the Chong Qing Cuisine, the brand takes on the name of the dish, Chong Qing Grilled Fish. We are an innovative and inspiring F&B brand which provides a creative and modern twist to the authentic Chinese cuisine, appealing to the crowd of today. We offer the consumers not only an exquisite feast but also an indulgence of a full sensorial journey which can be summed up as what the brand represents,
A Celebration of Cultures.

CQGF是一个具有创新性又能感人心扉的餐饮品牌. 它让多变的我们保持一份永恒的热忱去品味生活中越来越细致的美食文化。它带给我们的是一种文化的熏陶和美食艺术的享宴。因为我们通过研究最新鲜的食材以及传统加工工艺的手法. 从而创造出具有创造性和现代风味相结合的正宗中国菜。它让我们的客户享受到创新与现代两种不同口味在舌尖上所碰撞出的文化的响宴


Bai Xiu Bai Wei Bai Pan zhuan , Yi Cai Yi Ge Yi Pin Hua

The poem sums up the unique trait of Sichuan Cuisine, multiplicity. With just the three main ingredients, chilli, pepper and bean paste, lending its flavour in different combination and multiples, Sichuan Cuisine sets itself apart from the others. This extraordinary cuisine is well known for each dish having its own style and character.


Chong Qing, the former second largest city after Chengdu in the Sichuan Region, it is the melting point as well as a furnace, the point at which Sichuan meets the outside world. After its separation from Sichuan, Chong Qing went further and added their own personality to form their signature style known for its creativity and ever evolutionary taste. This forms the latter, Chong Qing Cuisine, the main representation of Sichuan flavours.


Chong Qing Grilled Fish

According to legend, this dish dates back to the Three Kingdoms period 1,700 years ago, and it was one of the favourite imperial dish. Made up of the harmonious cross between grilled fish and the ever popular Sichuan Hotpot, that was carefully prepared with the use of more than 20 herbs and spices, it had captivated its diners across the years. Keeping the roots of the dish in mind and innovating the taste and presentation of the dish, we had created our very own Chong Qing Grilled Fish that fully embodies the creativity and evolutionary taste of Chong Qing Cuisine.

据传,此菜可追溯到三国时期 1700年前,这种烤鱼不但诸葛亮百吃不厌,刘备、关羽等人也很喜欢吃,成了皇家御宴上一道不可缺少的美食。它结合了传统烤鱼及重庆火锅的吃法, 采用传统配方及超过20种香料与药材,新鲜的鱼肉,令人食指大动胃口大开,充分体现了 现代创意与传统文化相结合的美食精华。


* 点菜颇有讲究:
而重庆烤鱼品种繁多、口味多样、吃法也多多。首先需要选择鱼的种类,其次选择喜欢的口味(分为麻辣、香辣、甘香、鲜味等各种不同口味),再选择喜爱的配菜加以和火慢烧,让你既可品尝到烤鱼的焦香酥爽,又可品味重庆火锅的涮百味,从而真正体现了“重庆江湖菜”变化多端的味之本质。 干锅 干锅在底料和干锅香辣油上最为讲究,每一锅都是经过独特秘方配制,然后经过特殊工艺炒制而成,与火锅和汤锅相比,汤汁少,味更足。小火慢热后口感浓郁、 麻辣鲜香、越煮越劲味。

* 吃法颇有讲究:
首先把热气腾腾的干锅煲端上桌后,在小火焖烧的同时锅中香气四溢,满屋飘香, 让人食欲大动。在使用完锅中原料后还可添加美味的高汤, 涮上其它配菜,又一道传统火锅出现在你的面前。


Franchise Recipe For Success

Distinctive Brand
As a Franchisee, you will have instant access to the Chong Qing Grilled Fish brand name, which is a brand leader in the mainland Chinese culinary scene in Singapore. All restaurants will have a unique and distinctive design as well as coordinated marketing collaterals that enable Chong Qing Grilled Fish to stand out from the crowd.

For more info and to register your interest, please
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Franchise Recipe For Success

Ease of Operation
With our background and experience in running Chong Qing Grilled Fish restaurants, we are able to provide Franchisees with all the training and support they will need to set up and get going in the Business. You will shorten your learning curve by tapping onto Chong Qing Grilled Fish’s proven business system and methods that have been built and rigorously tested. Even Franchisees with little or no background in F&B can confidently run the Chong Qing Grilled Fish business.

For more info and to register your interest, please
download the CQGF Franchise Brochure here.

Franchise Recipe For Success

Complete Initial Training
We are committed to making sure that all Franchisees and their staffs are trained to the standards required for Chong Qing Grilled Fish. We have a thorough training program to ensure that everyone in the Chong Qing Grilled Fish team can confidently and competently carry out the operations.

For more info and to register your interest, please
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Franchise Recipe For Success

Restaurant Set-Up and Design Guidance
We will provide hands-on assistance with site selection, as well as useful guidelines and standards on interior design and set up requirements, to ensure that every Chong Qing Grilled Fish restaurant looks attractive and is consistent with the brand identity.

For more info and to register your interest, please
download the CQGF Franchise Brochure here.

Franchise Recipe For Success

Chong Qing Grilled Fish Operations Manual
Every Chong Qing Grilled Fish Franchisee will be provided with a set of Operations Manual. This will be a handy reference guide containing necessary and useful information for running your restaurant as well as for training and managing your staff.

For more info and to register your interest, please
download the CQGF Franchise Brochure here.

Franchise Recipe For Success

On-going Support
As part of Chong Qing Grilled Fish’s dedicated support to its Franchisees, a management and audit team will visit your Territory to review your business operations, identify deficiencies, assist in problem-solving and render advice on operations to improve performance. Any improvements or updates to Chong Qing Grilled Fish’s business systems and methods as well as the development of new or improved recipes will be shared with all Franchisees.

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download the CQGF Franchise Brochure here.

Career Opportunities

We offer opportunities that will help you realise your true potential. Take the challenge. Talk to us. See what we do. And learn about career opportunities with us.

Call 6291 2639 or email your resume to hr@8ightbar.com.
Current openings for Full-time & Part-time Servers positions below.
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餐厅经理 Restaurant Manager
Overall accountable for Quality Service Cleanliness, Sales, People and Profit. Execute company goals or objective and work closely with the team to achieve result.

餐厅主管 Supervisor
Assist the restaurant manager in managing the outlet. Lead by example, ensure staffs follow SOPs and able to gain respect from all level.

Understand company goals and work closely with the management team to achieve best result.

服务员 Servers
Provide customers with a positive and memorable dining experience.

主厨 Head Chef
Assist Executive Chef in the kitchen daily operations : Ensure all supplies fit the quality and quantity required by the company. Also in charge of new dishes creativity to meet the market demand. Supervise kitchen staff to meet the SOP, food quality, service, food hygiene to achieve excellent results.

厨房助理 Kitchen Assistant
Responsible for all basic chores in the kitchen.

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