01 March 2023 上市,口感更佳,更地道的全新 《万州古法烤鱼》!
Experience the rich tradition of Wanzhou Old-School Grilled Fish!

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We promise to delight discerning diners who know how to enjoy the finer things in life; with not only an exquisite feast but also a sensorial journey of ‘A Celebration of Cultures’. We aim to be an international brand for Sichuan cuisine where authenticity meets innovative modern creation, offering diners high quality culinary experience combined with cultural immersion.

Focusing on 3 main corporate guiding principles, Inspiring, Innovation and Sophistication, we aim to always demonstrate a real understanding of cultures, using only the freshest ingredients and adding a touch of creativity and modern twist in our creations. We continuously indulge our diners not just with great taste but also sharing our passion on preserving Chinese culture.



Our brand is always positive in its tone. We want to arouse diners’ interest not just in the taste of our food but also understanding the tales behind the dishes.


Reinforcing the concept of combining food with culture, our brands strive to immerse our diners in a cultural feast, demonstrating sophistication through our food, produce used, presentation, activities in store and dining ambience at the outlets.


Innovation is the connector for taste, visual presentation, and dining environment at Chong Qing Grilled Fish. We are passionate about sharing great food and culture through innovative ways and modernism to widen our appeal to today’s consumer.



To register your interest, email to franchise@8ightbar.com. Alternatively, you may wish to enquire below.